From retail stores to restaurants to fashionable boutiques to office spaces and more, The Turett Collaborative has created visionary NYC commercial interiors for 25 years. Situated in America’s intrepid, East Coast fashion capital, NYC customers expect more from their businesses here than anywhere else. To make your company stand apart and give your customers the kind of remarkable experience they crave, the appearance of your business needs to match your brand and your quality. Our minimalist modern commercial and retail interior designers in NYC give you a space that immediately communicates prestige and quality, with a notable personality and a delightful atmosphere.

Our designers consider every aspect of your business and bring it together with careful technique and precise detail. Minimalist designs are neither slight nor flat, but rather the highest form of elegance and the greatest example of design technique. With every element in its place and each piece creating a distinguished environment, the look, feel and focus of the interior all come together to serve your business goals. We use artistry and technical expertise to create a space that doesn’t just try to be unique, but really is.

All our designers work closely with our clients to create a visionary commercial interior. See our past work and contact us to learn more.



Framing the Greenport House
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Jorge González 359 dias en 19 meses (359 days in 19 months)
Tropical Modernism
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Monstera Deliciosa
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