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The Turett Collaborative is 26 Years Old

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We incorporated in January 1992… just after we designed and started operating our first Newsbar on 19th Street. That labor of love led to more Newsbars, then more cafés, restaurants, and retail storefronts. Looking back, those early jewels were great opportunities to innovate with new materials, imaginative and intricate details, complex programs and amazing, hands-on clients. Over the years since we’ve been fortunate to apply the early lessons to projects of every type, and at dramatically larger scales. We’ve lived in three places since — 45 West 18th, 86 Franklin and 277 Broadway— and our team or Interior Designers and Architects has grown to fifteen. But so much of the spirit of the early days still forms the core of our collaborative studio today.  TTC is what it is today because of the hard work, dedication and creative energy of our current…

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Sight Unseen Offsite 2017

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Sight Unseen Offsite is one of NYCxDesign week’s most important places to discover the latest in independent design. It is curated annually by Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer of the eponymous Here you will find a curated selection of team favorites from one of our favorite fairs!   This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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ICFF 2017

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ICFF and it’s satellite fairs are a can’t-miss weekend full of events for the design industry in New York and worldwide. Enjoy some of our team’s favorites from ICFF New York 2017!   This slideshow requires JavaScript.    

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It is quite impossible to consider the building one thing and its furnishings another. They are all mere structural details of its character and completeness – Frank Lloyd Wright

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Framing the Greenport House

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Jorge González 359 dias en 19 meses (359 days in 19 months)

Tropical Modernism

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This chair at Embajada Gallery in San Juan features Taino Weaving on a reproduction of a Henry Klumb ARKLU Studio chair. Henry Klumb is a German-born architect who lived and worked in San Juan, Puerto Rico from 1944 until his death in 1984. Klumb founded ARKLU, a design studio which produced furniture and utility objects from locally grown materials. Jorge González, an artist who produces these chairs today, currently has an exhibition at Embajada Gallery in Hato Rey, San Juan, Puerto Rico featuring the work of Taino weavers, combined with modernist elements from Klumb’s designs for ARKLU. The Taino are pre-Columbian natives of the island who have all but been wiped out. Taino woven chairs once would have been commonplace objects of utility, but are now generally considered to be art objects due to their rare character. By maintaining the traditions…

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