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The Turett Collaborative is 26 Years Old

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We incorporated in January 1992… just after we designed and started operating our first Newsbar on 19th Street. That labor of love led to more Newsbars, then more cafés, restaurants, and retail storefronts. Looking back, those early jewels were great opportunities to innovate with new materials, imaginative and intricate details, complex programs and amazing, hands-on clients. Over the years since we’ve been fortunate to apply the early lessons to projects of every type, and at dramatically larger scales. We’ve lived in three places since — 45 West 18th, 86 Franklin and 277 Broadway— and our team or Interior Designers and Architects has grown to fifteen. But so much of the spirit of the early days still forms the core of our collaborative studio today.  TTC is what it is today because of the hard work, dedication and creative energy of our current…

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Barns of Greenport

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“The idea I had for the design of this house was a more contemporary design. I think of myself as a contemporary architect so I originally started designing the house as a combination of flat roof volumes. As I got closer to the reality of actually building and submitting the house to Greenport Village for approval, I realized that I might have a problem being in the historic district. Flat roofs are not historic and my assessment after talking to a number of the townsfolk was that it would not be approved. Trying to reconcile my contemporary design aesthetic with the historic requirements I turned to historic barns which I had always admired for their utilitarian beauty. I have a great book, Barns of Cape Cod by Schiffer that had some really beautiful barns that I used as inspiration. My…

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Passive House: Fresh Air by Design

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My first reaction after learning that a passive house is virtually sealed from the exterior was that it would feel claustrophobic. How can you live in a house that is completely sealed up?   The answer is you don’t in a passive house. The science of the passive house incorporates a constant flow of fresh air into the house while exhausting an equal amount of inside air. The device used is either an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation unit) or an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation unit) depending on your climate.  These units let the air that is being exhausted exchange their heat/cool or energy to the air coming in. Some of these units are over 90% efficient. Typically fresh air is introduced to the bedrooms and living rooms and the air is exhausted from the bathrooms and kitchen. In the Greenport Passive House project, we…

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Passive House Construction and Tapes

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Tapes have become an essential component in building today, especially with Passive House projects. Since Passive House standards require an airtight building envelope, not using tapes is not an option. Every Passive House project utilizes something called the ‘Air Barrier’ which uses one or many layers of sheathing and tapes on the structure to prevent inefficient air leaks. Tapes seal the air barrier and help to stop air leakage so that Passive House projects can stay airtight and energy efficient. It is essential to include a line item for tape in construction estimates for Passive House projects.  Many different types of tapes are used in the construction of the Greenport Passive House by Turett. Zip Tape to tape all seams of the Zip Sheathing, Aluminum faced tape to seal the polyisocyanurate insulation seams, Blueskin Butyl flashing tape in the window…

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Estimating Passive House Construction Costs

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Passive House projects have slightly different materials used in the construction, therefore costs are not always the same as conventional housing projects. In the Greenport Passive House, the air barrier is achieved using Zip Sheathing and Zip tape. Exterior insulation of polyisocyanurate (4″ walls, 6″ roof) and 1″ wood furring is attached to the Zip Sheathing using long structural screws. This is unique to Passive House projects because the insulation used tends to be thicker than on a conventional house. In the end, over 5,000 screws were used to attach furring and insulation to the outside of the vapor barrier sheathing. The screws alone cost over $6,000. Installing insulation over the air barrier. Furring strips attached over the insulation. Over 5,000 screws were used in this project. Installing the cedar shiplap siding Shiplap cedar siding installation shot.

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The Greenport Passive House is on Schedule

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Turett Passive House Siding is Being Installed!

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On site at the Turett Passive House in Greenport, New York, ship lapped cedar siding is beginning to be installed. Bill Winisky, the contractor is doing a great job mitering the corners. 

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Wall Street Journal Hears Passive House Buzz in New York

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“In 2010, the New York region had about 50,000 square feet of passive-design building projects planned, said Ken Levenson, founding board member of New York Passive House, a nonprofit organization that provides education and promotes passive-design methods and principles. Today he estimates well over 3.5 million square feet of passive-design projects are in the pipeline.” Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Sight Unseen Offsite 2017

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Sight Unseen Offsite is one of NYCxDesign week’s most important places to discover the latest in independent design. It is curated annually by Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer of the eponymous Here you will find a curated selection of team favorites from one of our favorite fairs!   This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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ICFF 2017

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ICFF and it’s satellite fairs are a can’t-miss weekend full of events for the design industry in New York and worldwide. Enjoy some of our team’s favorites from ICFF New York 2017!   This slideshow requires JavaScript.    

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