Luxurious, contemporary design shines on the inside and the outside, from exterior design elements to the inner design motifs. The Turett Collaborative designs high end, modern home, loft and residential architecture in New York City that stands out and stands above. Working with the most experienced contractors in the area, we have designed stunning architectural pieces that shine throughout the city, including apartment buildings, condos, businesses, townhomes, offices and public city works. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and impeccable creative vision, this architecture is designed to stand the test of time as a monument to the era for decades to come.

Exterior architecture should not cover or simply shield a structure, but transform it just like the interior transforms the inside. As our architects put each element in place and bring the building together into a new form, we build off your concepts and the ideas that you want to project to customers or tenants. Our designs bring out the elegant simplicity of the structure, creating effortless luxury that immediately appeals. We work outside minimalist standards and contemporary trends to create clean and structured designs that are also unique and memorable on the NYC skyline.

Create an exterior that truly captivates and makes a statement. Contact us today to learn more about modern architecture and individualized design.