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Wayne Talks to Commercial Property Executive Magazine

TTC founder Wayne Turett is no stranger to zero-net energy buildings; he built one fo himself and his family in Greenport, Long Island! So it is no surprise that Commercial Property Executive Magazine looked to Wayne when discussing environmentally-conscious low-emission spaces. You can read Wayne’s thoughts in the article here.  

Celebrating Indigenous Architecture: Exploring 5 Projects from Around the World

(photo from Taylor and Hinds) This Indigenous People’s Day, we are highlighting some of the beautiful architecture and design inspired by the unparalleled artistry of indigenous groups around the world. Take a look at five projects below, and find more indigenous structures by clicking each architect’s name!             Krakani Lumi… Read more


At TTC, we are constantly inspired by modernist architects and artists from past and present. To showcase some of our favorites, we are launching #ModernistMondays, where we will highlight one modernist a month to explore. You can keep up with #ModernistMondays on the TTC Blog, or our Instagram page! For our first installment, we are… Read more

Explore Three NYC Hotels in #TTCCheckedIn

We know that you haven’t been able to travel like you used to, and a future where we’re once again exploring the world may seem distant.  In recognition of our own wanderlust – and yours –  we took a deep dive into the process and stories behind three Manhattan hotels in a special series, #TTCCheckedIn…. Read more

A Peek at a West Village Duplex Installation

A duplex in the West Village is beginning to come to life, step by step – literally. As a curved staircase was installed at the site, we got a behind-the scenes-look, and spoke to project lead Alex Nizhikhovskiy about the process. “Our duplex apartment renovation started from the owners’ desire to reconfigure the staircase at… Read more

Simeon Seigel’s Crossword is in The New York Times!

Pencils out! Congratulations to TTC Partner Simeon Seigel, whose original crossword puzzle is in The New York Times today. You can read the article and solve Simeon’s crossword below! SOLVE THE PUZZLE HERE (text from The New York Times “Wordplay, The Crossword Column” by Deb Amlen) THURSDAY PUZZLE — Making one’s crossword debut on a Thursday… Read more

15 TV Shows for Architecture and Design Lovers (and Lovers of Architects)

Following up on our “15 Movies for Modern Architecture and Design Lovers,” we have decided to share a list of fifteen visually stunning serials for those in search of something to watch. Movies are great for one-night binges, but sometimes, when a story is so gripping you don’t want it to end, a TV series… Read more

15 Films for Modern Architecture and Design Lovers

Over the past few months, odds are you’ve found yourself sitting in front of your television or laptop, wracking your brain for something to watch. While our favorite streaming platforms and channels suggest titles for us, sometimes nothing stands out. The actors, story, and director are, of course, major components of what makes a film… Read more

Meet the TTC Management Team in #TTCFacetime

This week, we featured five remote interviews with our management team on Instagram. Inspired by our current work from home environment, we asked staff some questions via “Facetime” about what they’ve been up to since lockdown, what led them to their fields, and more! Meet Alex, Simeon, Jessica, James, and Wayne in our first installment… Read more