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Meet the TTC Management Team in #TTCFacetime

This week, we featured five remote interviews with our management team on Instagram. Inspired by our current work from home environment, we asked staff some questions via “Facetime” about what they’ve been up to since lockdown, what led them to their fields, and more! Meet Alex, Simeon, Jessica, James, and Wayne in our first installment… Read more

William Lescaze (1896 – 1969): 10 Things to Know About New York’s First Modernist Architect

The Turett Collaborative is excited to share that our architecture team will be renovating the historic William Lescaze House in the coming months. Aside from its boldly modern exterior and daringly unornamented aesthetic, the 1930’s masterpiece and residence of Swiss architect William Lescaze is a New York landmark, often dubbed the “first modernist residence in… Read more

Much Effort For A Passive House

Many strive for it, but few actually build a passive house—a construction feat that was first sought in response to the energy crisis in the 1970s and was popularized in Europe for the sake of building the most efficient house possible. “A passive house meets its heating demand through ‘passive’ sources such as solar radiation… Read more

An Industrial Kitchen for People Who Love Nature

Wayne Turett Passve House Wall Street Journal

Can an architect indulge his desire for the clean look of metal-and-white-kitchen cabinets without casting a permanent chill on the heart of the house? New York designer and architect Wayne Turett pondered this question as he put together the kitchen in his Greenport, N.Y., home. He wanted a space as welcoming as a living room,… Read more


By Jean Nayar | August 31, 2018 | Hamptons Magazine Home & Real Estate An elegant Bridgehampton home gets thoughtfully tweaked with a fresh makeover to reflect the spirit of its new owners. It all started with a couple of fumbled attempts to refresh her young son Andrew’s bedroom and playroom. After trying out a few different paint… Read more

The Turett Collaborative is 26 Years Old

We incorporated in January 1992… just after we designed and started operating our first Newsbar on 19th Street. That labor of love led to more Newsbars, then more cafés, restaurants, and retail storefronts. Looking back, those early jewels were great opportunities to innovate with new materials, imaginative and intricate details, complex programs and amazing, hands-on… Read more

Passive House: Fresh Air by Design

My first reaction after learning that a passive house is virtually sealed from the exterior was that it would feel claustrophobic. How can you live in a house that is completely sealed up?   The answer is you don’t in a passive house. The science of the passive house incorporates a constant flow of fresh… Read more

Upper West Side Townhouse Designed by Turett is on the Market

Positioned on a prime, picture-perfect, tree-lined West Side block, just a few feet from Central Park, this gut-renovated and rebuilt Renaissance Revival 8,564 sf townhouse beauty delivers on every level. Originally built in 1910 and designed by architect George M. Walgrove, this classic turn of the century home, noteworthy for its distinctive rooftop turret, has… Read more