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West Village Condo Renovation

A longtime client wanted to have some updates made to their West Village condo. It’s almost finished and our client can’t wait to move back in and enjoy their “new” space. Here is a sneak preview.

The Turett Collaborative Project Featured on Houzz

“Still in stainless steel, but in a less sinuous open version, this slide settles between the two levels of a penthouse in New York. After getting their hands on two identical apartments located one above the other, the owners of the premises had the crazy desire to connect them with a slide. The entrance to the… Read more

Tropical Modernism

Jorge González 359 dias en 19 meses (359 days in 19 months)

This chair at Embajada Gallery in San Juan features Taino Weaving on a reproduction of a Henry Klumb ARKLU Studio chair. Henry Klumb is a German-born architect who lived and worked in San Juan, Puerto Rico from 1944 until his death in 1984. Klumb founded ARKLU, a design studio which produced furniture and utility objects from… Read more

Recently Completed: Shipping Container Design in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park

What could be more appropriate for a new harbor-side park in Brooklyn — and once the site of a great port complex – than to incorporate shipping container design.  That’s what we believed, and the New York City Parks Department agreed. As a building material, these containers offer a lot. They are abundant, and recycling… Read more

Sixties Architecture Examples Must Be Landmarked

From across the Atlantic, the BBC News reached out to our own Wayne Turett for comment on the proposed destruction of an important example of sixties architecture – a style that some do not appreciate fifty years later. The city council in Carlisle, England is considering tearing down its Civic Centre for the development of a… Read more

Townhouse Renovation for Open Elegant Space

Expanding livable space appealing to modern aesthetics is a primary design challenge in townhouse renovation. In our renovation of this 61st street townhouse, the interior and rear walls were removed and reconstructed.  With floor-to-ceiling windows and skylight, natural light now floods every room. White stained maple and polished steel adorn the new interior. The clear spatial… Read more

Townhouse Architecture for NYC Art Collectors

Within close proximity to NYC art galleries and acclaimed Highline park, Turett Collaborative Architects transformed this 4-story, multi-unit townhouse into a 5-story, single family residence with an exclusive open floor plan. Townhouse architecture, often defined by a narrow width, demands a very smart use of space.  Only 18 foot wide, this transformation was no exception…. Read more