East Hampton, NY Luxury Architecture Firm

Welcome to The Turett Collaborative, a luxury architecture and high-end interior design firm serving residents of East Hampton, NY. Whether you plan to update your existing space or you are in search of a new home architect,allow us to put our decades of experience to work for you in creating an environment that is both modern and sophisticated, without sacrificing comfort and functionality

From apartments to new homes, and commercial spaces of all varieties, the skilled architects at The Turett Collaborative work alongside our high-end interior design staff to create truly memorable properties.

Sustainable Design & Passive House (PassivHaus) Construction

Designing a home or business with energy efficiency in mind takes time, research, and practice; The Turett Collaborative team has developed this essential design expertise.   One sustainable design approach that we’ve actualized is Passive House construction, a method that requires rigorous standards be met to ensure heating and cooling costs remain low without sacrificing comfort and livability. Through air-tight superinsulation and heat recycling systems, we can reimagine your space with state-of-the-art sustainable designs that benefit both your bottom line, your enjoyment of the space, and also the environment.

This method of sustainable design is something we’ve personally put into practice. r Principal Wayne Turett designed his very own Passive House in Greenport, NY as a living space for him and his family.

High-End Interior Design & Construction

How a space is designed  influences how we function and feel within it. It has the power to define the tone of our environment and, ultimately, impact our mood. This very concept informs our collaborative approach tof inspired architecture and high-end interior design. Together, they have the ability to elevate a space to an extraordinary level. Our luxury interior designers thrive in creating spaces that are modern, elegant, and inviting to complement your  personality. Whether it’s engineering and designing commercial spaces for business owners  or actualizing the perfect living space for East Hampton, NY homeowners, we can bring your space to life in new and unique ways.

For more information regarding luxury architecture and interior design services offered in East Hampton, NY by the experts at The Turett Collaborative, contact us today.