Manhattan NYC Projects

Manhattan is the heart of New York City and features rich culture, deep history and stunning city views. We love working with clients on high-end modern home, loft and residential architecture designs and adding to the unique variety and flair in Manhattan. NYC is considered the financial and cultural capital of the world, which gives us an opportunity to design and create unique residential and commercial properties at the intersection of the commerce and culture.

Our work at 15 Leonard Street is a perfect example of the impressive interior design and architecture skills of the team at The Turett Collaborative. This new residential building features a seven-story glass and steel front that faces the street to create a beautiful structure that is pleasing to the eye. Each space inside also has plenty of natural light thanks to the design inclusion of large windows that also enhance the feeling of life in the city.

Our interior designers focus on highlighting the structure of the building and overall design in a way that doesn’t detract from the beautiful city views. We approach every project with similar design ideals in mind, working to improve the overall appeal of the neighborhood while creating a space that is centered on the needs of our clients.

If you’ve been considering a change at your building or need to build something completely new, The Turett Collaborative will sit down and work with you to create a design that makes your dreams come true. Call us today at 212-965-1244 to get started on your next project.