This residential structure was built from the ground up , presenting a 7-story glass-and- steel façade to Leonard Street, with a 2-story glass and metal penthouse above. The 75ft-wide site had held single-story derelict garages for decades; neighborhood groups and the Landmarks Preservation Commission were pleased enough to see them go but also intensely sensitive to the every detail of the proposed new structure. After a prolonged and fruitful collaboration with interested groups, the final design incorporates contextual and traditional motifs both overtly and subtly, while presenting them in a contemporary way. Overall organization (base-shaft-attic and cornice), muscular steel horizontals engaged in continuous red brick piers, large vertically-proportioned windows, steel-and- glass awnings, and richness of texture and color help situate the building in its historic setting. Extensive use of vertical channel glass, custom elongated brick proportions, and syncopated symmetries in the window layout identify this as a modern interpretation. Interiors offer every amenity typical of very high-end residences in TriBeCa, plus one that is exceptional almost anywhere: a 60-ft- wide elevation of clear and translucent glass.