Chef Central approached TCA in November of 1999 to develop a prototype design to function as the basis for future stores. Using a modular design, the TCA concept utilizes individual components that can be positioned in different combinations and still maintain the Chef Central identity. The design and materials utilized in each component reflect the contemporary Chef Central style and reinforce the brand wherever they are positioned within the superstore.

At the core of the TCA concept is a central alley, or ‘main-street’ structure. It is here that the store’s activities are focused. At the end of the alley, a demonstration kitchen builds excitement and traffic. Food display areas present shoppers a chance to discover what’s new. Point-of-sale counters greet customers upon entering and highlight special promotions.

As shoppers head to the areas around the store’s perimeter, the atmosphere is one of small boutiques, each with a specific focus. Lighting is softer than in the busy, central alley. Finely detailed wood cabinets elegantly showcase selections while custom colored metal shelves still hold the quantity of merchandise required for a big store. Fixturing in the boutique area was also developed to allow reconfiguration, based on seasonal requirements, and the evolving needs at the store.