For a while in the early ‘00s, anyone wanting to savor some of the best French chocolates could visit the elegant Michel Cluizel Chocolat boutique nestled in ABC Home. The centerpiece of the space was a rich, custom designed showcase crafted of Macassar Ebony. It gave definition to this amorphous space with an orb shape that relates to a cocoa pod, and dark brown wood with yellow reveals that reinforce the Cluizel brand. The uniqueness of the presentation underscored the value of the Cluizel product.

A beautiful chocolate and liquor bar was topped with glass glowing yellow, floating on suspended brackets. The bar front was mosaic glass tile, green and flecked throughout with reflective gold highlights by Ercole. This shimmering surface was on the wall behind the bar as well.

Along the adjacent wall from the bar there were delicate slipper chairs in soft celadon at small tables. It was an entirely perfect end –satisfying for the eye and mouth– to a shopping spree at ABC or a meal at any of the restaurants just beyond.