The Human Express Mail Package (HEMP) is used to ship a human being from door-to-door. It is designed to be incorporated seamlessly into the existing express shipping infrastructure. Individuals who seek the convenience, reliability, ubiquity and affordability of overnight shipping, and who are willing to accept a marginal decrease in amenities as compared to conventional human shipping options will benefit greatly from this system.

The HEMP is assembled from parts readily available in the Internet marketplace to the specifications provided by –and with the assistance of– the HEMP Society, a non-profit organization without political affiliation. The traveler calls for a pick-up via the normal channels, notifies the HEMP Society of the travel plans, and travels via freight in the shock-proof, pressurized and conditioned air of the HEMP. Constant closed-circuit monitoring by HEMP Society volunteers ensures a comfortable and safe journey directly to a receiving agent, who will sign for your Package. With periodic maintenance, the HEMP may be used for many such journeys.