The owner and chef at Tribeca Treats wanted a clean interior, underscoring the idea that her ingredients and methods are pure and simple. TCA took the cue and designed a bakery that is centered on dark and white chocolate. The walls are made of a series of horizontally placed wood boards that are painted a creamy white, and the floor and counters are in a stone that is, literally, called “chocolate slate,” a rich, intense brown color. Horizontal lines on the walls draw the eye toward the focal point of the space: the kitchen and ovens. The design draws attention to the way a small bakery like Tribeca Treats continually produces small batches of freshly made goods throughout the day. The merchandising is bright and colorful, including a fanciful product mix on metro shelving that displays cookbooks, specialty bake ware, serving pieces, cake platters, birthday candles and kids’ cooking wares. Tall pillars of color on the front wall can be seen by everyone leaving the store. The graphics are designed by Rock Paper Pixel Graphics.