Portfolio Category: Architecture


For this large and well known hip hop recording company, refinement comes in sleep forms, suggestions for feng shui and energy flow, and an untraditional office design complete with weightlifting space, an aerobics room, a dance studio an isolation chamber for quiet reflection. Balance was a major theme in Turett’s design these corporate offices have… Read more


From the moment you first spy City Bakery it is obvious this is not a typical neighborhood bake shop. The bakery’s creator approached TCA with a well-formed vision for a shop that would stand out as unique even on Manhattan’s East 17th Street; Wayne Turett worked closely with the chef/owner to bring that vision to… Read more


In the mid-1970’s, Wayne Turett had designed a popular newsstand on the Upper West Side of New York City, which subsequently won a City Art Commission award for its clean lines and intuitive functionality. Newsbar took this experience one step further, as Turett envisioned a high-end coffee bar and retail space, great looking and comfortable… Read more


The owner and chef at Tribeca Treats wanted a clean interior, underscoring the idea that her ingredients and methods are pure and simple. TCA took the cue and designed a bakery that is centered on dark and white chocolate. The walls are made of a series of horizontally placed wood boards that are painted a… Read more


This rooftop addition, creating a duplex penthouse, was designed “on spec”, for a developer with deep roots in the neighborhood and a directive to consider the hoped-for end user at every turn. This wasn’t hard, as the duplex backed up against Wayne Turett’s own home, and would share many of the features that Turett had… Read more


In the redesign of this 100 year old townhouse, the interior and back walls were removed and reconstructed; now, a large airy skylight above the staircase in the midsection of the house floods every room with natural light. The beauty of this townhouse is in the simplicity of its design, and in the use of… Read more


Chef Central approached TCA in November of 1999 to develop a prototype design to function as the basis for future stores. Using a modular design, the TCA concept utilizes individual components that can be positioned in different combinations and still maintain the Chef Central identity. The design and materials utilized in each component reflect the… Read more


Hale & Hearty desired a ‘clear graphic feel’ for their space and ever growing business. Our custom-designed display system allowed for easy posting of menu items and cooking utensils behind the order-entry counter. Further into the space, transparent wall panels filled with colorful dried beans suspended in acrylic remind the customer about the variety of… Read more


The design of this waterfront property with amazing views of Manhattan created an excitement around the food, highlighting different food areas and organizing a logical circulation to make the dining experience pleasant and fun. Color was infused into the space so intensely that it seemed to bring its own energy; it becomes irrelevant that there… Read more