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Olympic Towers Pied a Terre

Luxury Residential Design Architecture Firm in NYC

The overarching architectural gesture in this dramatic space is the focus on the view and the windows, which primarily face south and overlook St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Polished white quartz floors, complemented by high-gloss ceilings, walls, and lacquered columns keep the focus on the incredible views.   Turett’s plan pushes all of the services and private program… Read more


This library of Middle Eastern Studies was housed in the first floor of the Middle Eastern Studies Building at NYU, on the south side of Washington Square Park. While the building was modern and beautiful, it wasn’t serving the needs of the library, in part because the entry into the space was blunt, lacking in… Read more


When the leaders of the TeleMedia Accelerator approached TCA in November of 1999, they had a vision of a workplace where energy and innovative ideas naturally emerge, where state-of-the-art design breeds open communication. TCA responded by creating a future-focused ‘lab’ environment that encourages a new workplace dynamic. The unique nature of the TeleMedia Accelerator project… Read more


For this large and well known hip hop recording company, refinement comes in sleep forms, suggestions for feng shui and energy flow, and an untraditional office design complete with weightlifting space, an aerobics room, a dance studio an isolation chamber for quiet reflection. Balance was a major theme in Turett’s design these corporate offices have… Read more


Chef Central approached TCA in November of 1999 to develop a prototype design to function as the basis for future stores. Using a modular design, the TCA concept utilizes individual components that can be positioned in different combinations and still maintain the Chef Central identity. The design and materials utilized in each component reflect the… Read more