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In a one-of-a-kind location in Bridgehampton, New York, this single family home designed by The Turett Collaboorative’s interiors team has been redecorated to create a contemporary, airy vacation home. Completed in 2018, the refreshed house has become more than a weekend home during the past few months of lockdown. Down the street from the Hampton… Read more


Luxury Townhouse Design in NYC

Located on one of the most coveted tree-lined townhouse rows in central Greenwich Village, between the “Gold Coast” and the West Village, this gracious sun-filled townhouse with privacy and views was painstakingly and intelligently re-built and designed for the 21st Century in a contemporary classic style by the design team at TTC with the developer… Read more


Architecture and spatial design by Lichten Craig Architecture + Interiors. Interiors by the Turett Collaborative.

West Village Townhouse

The four story townhouse is situated on a charming tree lined block in the heart of the original Greenwich Village Historic District. Originally constructed as one of a series of three rowhouses in 1867 by Bartlett Smith, the brownstone facade and painted wood cornice is a typical example of the French Second Empire style common… Read more


While Wayne Turett had been developing feasibility studies for this site, a charming and well-loved corner of West Broadway, the present owners asked him if he knew of any townhouses they might purchase – and a deal was made. “This building enabled us to build exactly what we were looking for – and then some,”… Read more


This townhouse project located at 450 West 25th Street in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea is built on the remains of a rather pedestrian 4 story multifamily residence . TTC collaborated with the developer, Magnum Real Estate, and real estate broker, Leonard Steinberg of Douglass Elliman, to envision a modern town home with large open… Read more


The project located in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood was originally built in 1826 as a single family two story home and has gone through many alterations and additions throughout its history resulting in its last incarnation as a three-family three-story residence. Working closing with Good Property LLC, the developer who purchased the building and site… Read more


The new owners of 109 Waverly Place in Manhattan’s West Village knew that gutting a historically significant townhouse would be a complex undertaking. They were admirers of Turett’s townhouse renovations elsewhere in the neighborhood and brought his team on board to convert the multi-unit structure into a single-family home. Turett’s team had extensive experience with… Read more


TCA’s bold, original design created a spacious, airy, and inventive house out of a former garage. The owner’s investment (purchase price and gross cost of the excavation) approximately doubled after the work was completed. A dramatic four-story staircase welcomes visitors as they enter the foyer; walking past, one will encounter a room flooded with natural… Read more