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15 Holiday Gifts for Architects and Designers Starting at $10

This holiday season, gift giving will look different than ever before. We may not be gathering with friends and family like we normally do, but the excitement of holiday gifts still stands. Whether you’re sending it by mail or delivering it in person, the items on this list are architect and designer-approved. From ergonomically designed whiskey decanters to tape dispensers, you may find the perfect gift for the designer in your life from our guide below. And whether you are searching for gifts or not, we wish you a very happy holiday season!

PRICE: $10 each

These chic pastel desk organizers are made with architectural elements in mind; each is crafted from concrete, with tiny stairs on each piece.

PRICE: $25

This homemade pen holder on Etsy is perfect for an architect or designer on the go. Whether it’s at a job site or in the office, having your writing utensils strapped to your notebook or planner is always a good idea – you never know when you’ll want to sketch or write something down, and there’s nothing worse than not being able to find a pencil.

PRICE: $28

You can’t go wrong with a water bottle, and this sleek, well-designed glass and silicone choice is minimal, light, and made for everyday use, either in the studio or on the go.

PRICE: $29

Architects tend to love getting busy with their hands, whether it’s drafting, writing, building models, or choosing materials. For your favorite architect who may not be on site over the holidays, this book of paper models based on iconic Frank Lloyd Wright buildings is a fun way to occupy the mind, and results in small models that will make it a memorable, long-lasting gift.

Selected Architecture Books

PRICE: $29 – $150

Take your favorite architect around the world with a copy of Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses ($148), which features over 400 mod homes, or if there’s an outdoorsy architect on your giving list, Cabin Porn ($29), a survey of woodland homes, is sure to be a good fit. For Brutalists, Phaidon’s beloved Atlas of Brutalist Architecture ($150) will make their holiday. Pick up a copy of Living Architecture: Greatest American Houses of the 20th Century ($54) for a safe yet exciting pick that encompasses many types of homes. For your modernist friend, give them the gift of Corbusier with Le Corbusier: Ideas & Forms ($150), one they’re likely to hang onto and reference for the rest of their lives.

PRICE: $32

Help your favorite designer read the fine print. This crystal glass triangle is ideal for anyone working with paper copies of renderings, drawings, or layouts.

Selected Interior Design Books

PRICE: $36 – $95

A good coffee table book of design is a great fit for any designer’s office or home. For the movie-loving designer, try Accidentally Wes Anderson ($47). For a designer with a bit of wanderlust, consider a copy of Travel By Design ($95). If you have a minimalist on your hands, Athena Calderone’s Live Beautiful ($36) may be their new favorite. If you’re positively stuck, and don’t know what sort of design to turn to, an easy approach could be to take a scroll through their Instagram “following” to check out who they follow.

PRICE: $50

There are tons of bookends out there, and many of them are great, but this funky metallic selection is unconventional in shape; which any free-thinking designer will appreciate. If this ultra-modern piece isn’t to your taste, check out CB2 for pages of other options and styles!

PRICE: $50

For a more minimal collection of concrete desk accessories, this smooth 3-piece tape dispenser, pen tray, and pen holder are a perfect match for any desk. Like many architects, our team loves concrete designs, so you can’t go wrong with this sturdy set.

PRICE: $65

Give the architect in your life something they can both use and display; these cubes of materials (maple wood, bakelite, cork, granite, EVA, silicone, acrylic, and aluminum) are meant to be used for tactile inspiration and experimentation.

PRICE: $78

The carafe from the wine-loving creators of the famous knot pillow, Design House Stockholm, is both a modern centerpiece for the table and a functioning wine carafe topped with an orb.

PRICE: $90

This concrete pen (yes, you read that right) is an architect favorite – designed by a small design studio in Taipei, who also offers architecturally-inspired jewelry, watches, and home decor.

PRICE: $105

This controversial yet iconic citrus squeezer is both humorous and functional. Once shown in the MOMA, this kitchen appliance-slash-decor item is sure to be a conversation starter.

PRICE: $140

Scandinavian designer Mikko Lakkonen’s ergonomically-shaped decanter and whisky glasses are an award-winning designer favorite. Grab a bottle of their favorite whiskey to go along with this gorgeous set.

PRICE: $770

For designers, color is key. This albeit pricey-yet-useful device from Pantone comes preloaded with a catalog of 10,000 colors; all the user has to do is scan a piece of material, and they’ll be given the closest match. It’s an investment that will save them a lot of time comparing samples and flipping through swatches.


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