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Join TTC at NY NOW on August 15th

In collaboration with IFDA, NY NOW will present a discussion between Iwan Nassimi (Executive Vice President of Nassimi), Wayne Turett (Architect & Founder of The Turett Collaborative), and Katie Michael-Battaglia (Creative & Design Director at Nemo Tile), moderated by IFDA President David Santiago.

We are honored to be featured among these leaders in the design industry and are excited to combine perspectives from architecture, textile, and tile leaders together on one impactful panel.

You can find more details about the talk below, and register for NY NOW for free, HERE.

TIME 4:00 pm

LOCATION Talk Lounge Booth #501

MODERATED BY David Santiago @hospidential President of IFDA NY

FEATURING Iwan Nassimi, Executive Vice President of Nassimi, Wayne Turett, Architect & Founder of The Turett Collaborative and Katie Michael-Battaglia,

Creative & Design Director at Nemo Tile

THE TALK A discussion with IFDA members on what makes up a sustainable home design. This panel will explore the behind-the-scenes aspects of creating and maintaining a sustainable home while championing sustainable design – with insights from brands like Nemo Tile, sustainable textile manufacturer Nassimi, and an architecture and design firm with high-level expertise in Passive House design: The Turett Collaborative. Each of the aforementioned has a unique sustainability story to share and can provide valuable insight on how the design industry and homeowners can pursue sustainable practices whether specifying products or designing a home or renovating one.

(banner photo and architecture by The Turett Collaborative)


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