Upper East Side NYC Projects

Brooklyn is increasingly attractive to many New York residents because of its diversity and prominence as an entrepreneurial and cultural hub, featuring historic and new architecture in every neighborhood. The borough has a wide range of culture, and famously brings people together. At The Turett Collaborative, we enjoy working in Brooklyn because of its modern vibe and atmosphere, which is why we are pleased to offer high-end modern home, loft and residential architecture designs in the neighborhood.

The Bush Terminal is one of our favorite projects so far because it pushed the lines of traditional public buildings by combining modern architecture and interior design with shipping containers to create a functional and beautiful industrial work of art. The Bush Terminal piers were abandoned before our interior designers and architects played a part in revitalizing the site and breathing new life into the park for the first time in years.

When you work with The Turett Collaborative, your ideas will come to life in a way you never would have imagined. Our team will sit down with you to assess your existing structure and space and then work to create a new interior design and architecture plan that fits your vision and needs. Find out more and get started on your next project by calling The Turett Collaborative today at 212-965-1244.