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A soaring three-story penthouse meticulously crafted of wood, resin, glass and steel supported off a central wall of hand selected Vals quartzite.

The attention to detail on this triplex penthouse is indicative of a successful collaboration with a client interested in unique solutions without compromise.

The two-story quartzite wall that forms the organizing spine of the apartment was hand picked by Wayne Turett and the client from its alpine quarry in Vals, Switzerland. A seamless walk-in soaking tub is surrounded by glass walls that can be made alternately opaque for privacy or perfectly clear at the flip of a switch.

A soaring triple-height stair features laser-cut steel supports and translucent resin treads, which cantilever in places like stiff diving boards. At higher levels, it becomes a bridge casting warm, orange-tinted shadows throughout the space.

These three key elements combine to create the most unique of homes. custom designed and crafted to meet our client’s exact wishes.

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