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We collaborate with each other.

Our decades of work as a team allows for seamless communication, enabling us to leverage the diverse expertise of the entire studio to meet every design challenge.  We not only enjoy the work we do but the people we do it with.

We collaborate with our clients.

Clients can see their own ideas in the work because the designs grow out of a close relationship which evolves along with the project itself.

We collaborate with other experts.

We consider it the role of the architect and designer to seek out the skills and relationships to turn conflicts and constraints into opportunities, and thrive when joining forces for a collective vision.

We collaborate with our environment.

We are dedicated to complementing the legacy and integrity of design wherever we work, recognizing -- and taking responsibility for -- the enormous and enduring impact of our work on the natural and built environment.

The Turett Collaborative Team

We collaborate for the long run, knowing that our best works, and relationships, are built to last. 


Our commitment to green building and design is not just for the environment - it is for our clients’ health, wellbeing, and living in harmony with their surroundings.


We strive to exceed code and expectation rather than meet it.


Through green building expertise, we advocate strongly for green thinking on all of our projects, both commercial and residential, and encourage our consultants and partners to do the same.


While we realize a Passive House standard may not be attainable for everyone, our focus on energy use, water use, indoor air quality, and sustainable material section make us a leader in New York’s green building landscape.

As frequent restorers and renovators of historic properties and projects in landmark districts, we are well-versed in the building codes, expectations, and responsibilities we are taking on. We take care and pride in the changes we make to our city, with careful consideration put into our historic work. Our team works with preservationists and neighborhood groups to design projects that meet the expectations of  both the community and individual.

With decades of combined experience and an unwavering passion for our city’s infrastructure and history, we are committed to respecting preservation regulations while designing projects that reflect our clients’ needs and visions.

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In 1988, inspired by a love for the planet and improving the city, aspiring architect Wayne Turett designed and ran a modern, award-winning newsstand on Columbus Avenue and 81st street.

Today, he leads The Turett Collaborative, a diverse, environmentally-conscious, modern architecture and interiors firm in Tribeca. For the past thirty years, Wayne has brought together design leaders who share a similar passion, and established a tight-knit team of architects and interior designers.


Since the beginning, the mission has remained the same: build better spaces for our city’s residents, preserve our planet, and create beautiful designs.

Newsstand in The New York Times, 1985

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