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Wayne's corporate dining hall and meeting space for this waterfront commercial center was awarded a James Beard award for its logical circulation and pleasant atmosphere.


Ark Restaurants brought the Turett team to their original corporate cafeteria, with its low ceilings and artificial lighting, to pose a challenge: devise as “un-corporate” an eatery as possible, and make it a truly entertaining and appealing place to eat, gather and unwind.


Intense colors, bold graphics, and very generous natural lighting combine with an unexpected design element -- 9-foot diameter silver satellite dishes, repurposed as enormous reflectors -- to give the cafeteria a sense of fun, animation and life. Flowing shapes in the ceiling and millwork work with the bright color scheme to evoke carnival flags and fabrics. 


TTC’s design creates excitement around the food, highlighting different food areas and organizing logical circulation to make the dining and conferencing experience pleasant, enjoyable, and memorable. Color is infused into the space so intensely that it seemingly generates its own energy. For these reasons, Market at Newport surpasses all expectations of traditional cafeteria design.

Newport_07 copy.jpg

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