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21 Items to Help You Organize Your Home in 2021

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that your home should be a place you are truly comfortable. For some, who before lockdown were dashing out in the morning and coming back late to sleep, creating a comfortable environment may not have been the number one priority. Now, that we are spending more time at home, you may have noticed that some areas of your apartment or home could use a little work. Especially for those of us in the city, where the TTC studio is based, small spaces can fill up with clutter easily. What used to be easier to ignore (we’ve all told ourselves we will “put it away later” or “find a place for that tomorrow”) is now part of our everyday surroundings. As Jessica Shaw, our director of interior design, has emphasized, creating good Qi (feng shui) and a sense of calm in your home starts with a space that is organized and not overstimulating (see Jessica’s interview about the topic here).

We made the shopping process a bit easier for you, with a categorized list of organizers – from kitchen storage to coat hooks. If one of your goals for the New Year is to stay better organized, keep reading to find some designer-approved easy storage selections.

(photos and product by Yamazaki Home, Ikea, Crate and Barrel, Open Spaces, CB2, Poppin, Muji, Wildlife Wonders, and Beam)

Yamazaki Home Expandable Kitchen Counter Organizer PRICE: $78 Level up your counter space with a lightweight, expandable sanding shelf for your kitchen. Plus, there are extra hooks on the side to hang oven mitts or serving utensils!

Yamazaki Home Wood-Top Stackable Kitchen Rack | Small PRICE: $28 Similar to the item above, this counter organizer is made for stacking. You can also get creative and mix-and-match sizes (they come in Small, Medium, or Large).

Yamazaki Home Under The Shelf Spice Rack PRICE: $26 “Spice” up your storage options and use this no-installation hanging shelf for small goods in the kitchen, like spices or mugs.

Yamazaki Home Magnet Recipe Book Rack PRICE: $28 Take-out menus and magnets on the fridge can be playful and convenient, but if it’s simplicity and organization you’re aiming for, this magnetic rack contains all of your fridge fun in one plastic pocket.

Ikea Raskog Utility Cart PRICE: $29 Offered in black, white, or green, this steel cart is an industrial-chic addition to any kitchen in need of some more storage space.

Crate and Barrel Large Grey Ceiling Pot Rack PRICE: $225 Pots and pans take up a lot of space in the kitchen, whether they’re stored in cabinets, on the stove, or elsewhere. One solution is to hang them up – this rack arrives full assembled so all you have to do is hang it up to get those pans out of the way.

Crate and Barrel Expandable Bamboo Flatware Tray PRICE: $30 If your utensil drawers are more scrambled than stacked, this bamboo tray will help divide your drawer into one that can serve you better.

Yamazaki White Magnetic Kitchen Organization Rack PRICE: $40  Turn your paper towel rack into something better. This paper towel holder is also equipped with hooks and shelf, maximizing your vertical storage.

Open Spaces Underbed Storage – Set of 2 PRICE: $128 for 2 If your closet is overflowing, consider consolidating, and storing off-season pieces in these felt and leather storage suitcases for under the bed. Rotate what they contain each season so that your everyday clothing is available in your closet.

Open Spaces Drawer Dividers PRICE: $42 for 2 Separate your drawers with these wooden adjustable dividers – suddenly, your drawer has 3 mini-compartments, making it easier to keep them sorted. The photo may show it in-use in a kitchen, but trust us – these work great for separating clothing too!

Muji Clothing Drawer Storage COST: $19 If you prefer plastic underbed storage, these inexpensive options from Muji function as drawers, so that you can open the box and remove what you need without taking the entire container out from under the bed.

Yamazaki Home Magnetic Key Rack  PRICE: $22 If your doorway has become a jumble of masks and keys, this magnetic key rack may come to the rescue. It is conveniently magnetic, so if your door is metal, this is a perfect solution for a cluttered doorway.

Open Spaces Entryway Rack PRICE: $138 This modern steel entry rack can really be used for anything – shoes, magazines, a plant – anything that would normally be on the ground by your entryway. Getting things off the floor and into an organizational setup can make a striking visual difference.

Wildlife Wonders Octopus Key Hook PRICE: $22 TTC founder Wayne likes this playful under-the-sea-themed aluminum key hook. To add a bit of character and biodiversity in your entryway, this is a quirky-yet-useful way to start.

CB2 Valentina Standing Coat Rack PRICE: $229 If you were looking for a coat rack that is both metallic and modern, you’ve struck gold (see what we did there?)

Open Spaces Large Felt Storage Bins – Set of 2 PRICE: $74 for 2 For storage bins without an industrial or “basement” look, try these wood and felt bins for a softer approach to visible storage.

Open Spaces Large Storage Bins – Set of 2 PRICE: $70 for 2 Ideal for bathroom storage, these easy-to-wipe-down storage bins are light and stackable.

Ikea Summera Drawer Insert PRICE: $9 Pens, pencils, Post-it’s, oh my! Office drawers can get messy but this drawer insert will keep your supplies separated and simpler to find.

Poppin White Wall Pocket PRICE: $20 If you constantly find yourself with piles and stacks of paper on your desk, consider extending your desk organization to the wall. These affordable and easy-to-install wall pockets are great for files and documents that might otherwise crowd your workspace.

Poppin White Stow 3-Drawer File Cabinet PRICE: $249 Make an investment into office organization with a simple white file cabinet that won’t disturb the design of your office, but is guaranteed to help it become neater.

Beam Brass Pencil Holder PRICE: $115 This may not be the cheapest way to store your pens and pencils, but it may be the coolest. This ultra-modern desk organizer is ideal for those who like their desk to be just as well-decorated as the rest of their home.


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