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A Look Inside Our Upper West Side Townhouse Renovation

Construction is underway at our townhouse renovation on the Upper West Side on both the roof and the basement.

The existing roof was a combination of a small dormer, bulkhead and vents, which we’re now demolishing to create a new full floor with an expanded private landscaped roof terrace.

In the cellar level, we are excavating a lower level from the uneven bedrock, which requires pouring a thin slab of concrete with waterproofing to even things out. After this is complete, a 24" mat slab will be poured to act as the foundation for the structure.

Swipe to see the current view from the site as our colleagues at Think Construction install the new framing and excavate the new basement.

Image 1: A rendering of the townhouse facade, including the new roof bulkhead

Image 2: The townhouse roof with framing installed

Image 3: Cellar conditions during excavation, prior to slabs being poured

(architecture by The Turett Collaborative, rendering by The Turett Collaborative, photos by Think Construction)

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