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A Top-To-Bottom Look at Our Historic Park Slope Renovation

(banner image of Park Slope project model via The Turett Collaborative)

Work is in full swing at our Park Slope Townhouse project with multiple trades underway working on everything from the foundations and pool excavation to masonry restoration and construction, all the way up to upper floor and roof framing.

Take a look at each level of the house in the animation and progress shots from a recent site visit shared below. Thank you to the incredible contractors and trades working hard day-to-day to make the reimagining of this historical home a success.

IMAGE 1: Animation of our Park Slope project’s 3D model

IMAGE 2: Section view of our Park Slope project’s 3D model

IMAGE 3: Roof framing being installed

IMAGE 4: Upper floor framing being installed

IMAGE 5: Carriage house framing being installed

IMAGE 6: Basement pool excavation

(architecture, images and models from The Turett Collaborative)


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