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An Interior Designer’s 5 Quick Tips to Design the Ultimate Work From Home Space

If you’re like the The Turett Collaborative team, you’ve been working from home for months now. Maybe you have adapted to your windowsill as a desk, designated your bedside table as your filing cabinet, or accepted your couch as the break room. Working from home is something most of us are not used to, and may have been resistant toward. It’s hard to be productive at home when streaming is just a click away, and your pets are begging for attention.

There are a few things, however, that make this situation a bit more bearable, and according to TTC Director of Interior Design Jessica Shaw, design plays a bigger role in your home office productivity than you may have thought. While some of us have full rooms to convert to offices, and others are using makeshift work-from-home spaces, any desk-away-from-work could use a bit of an upgrade. Whether you have one more week or one more month working remotely, here are 5 designer-approved tips for best work office setups and organization.

The 5 Tips For Work From Home Space or Office

Tip #1

Location is the first consideration and the most important one. Choose a comfortable, quiet space, ideally with a good source of natural light.

Tip #2

Lighting is key to comfort throughout the day. Aside from natural light, consider the options you have for controlling the light in your chosen work space. Do you have overhead lighting or floor lights, is this dimmable? Having a good, flexible desk lamp that is dimmable will be your eyes best friend.

Lights like the Tizio or Tolomeo lamp from Artemide or Humanscale have super functionality and are iconic in their design style.

Tip #3

Make sure you are seated in a comfortable chair, invest in one if you must. Similarly, find a desk that works for your needs. If space is an issue, consider purchasing a standing desk.

Tip #4

Keep clutter to a minimum on your desk – but do personalize with a few special touches – you are in your own home after all!

Tip #5

Think of creative ways to address your storage needs. Creating a paper filing system, utilization of wall space (think cork boards or a small set of shelves), buying rolling storage drawers, or adding a desktop organizer can allow you to make the most of your office and create go-to places for important items.


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