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Demolition and Development at Our Upper West Side Townhouse

(banner photo via Think Construction, architecture by The Turett Collaborative)

Our Upper West Side townhouse project, with renovation by The Turett Collaborative and construction by Think Construction, is continuing to come together with a rear facade demolition, installations of rear scaffolding on the neighbor’s property, and rebar for eventual concrete pouring in the basement. Below, take a look at some recent shots from the site.

IMAGE 1: View from the back of the townhouse

IMAGE 2: Wider view of the back of the townhouse during rear facade demolition

IMAGE 3: View from the roof looking down at the back of the townhouse, during scaffold installation work on rear yard

IMAGE 4: Worker on the third floor neighbor’s terrace

IMAGE 5: Reinforcement bars (rebar) being installed prior to concrete pouring - in the cellar, a 2' thick concrete slab and 10' high ceilings


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