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Explore Three NYC Hotels in #TTCCheckedIn

We know that you haven’t been able to travel like you used to, and a future where we’re once again exploring the world may seem distant. 

In recognition of our own wanderlust – and yours –  we took a deep dive into the process and stories behind three Manhattan hotels in a special series, #TTCCheckedIn.

Hotels are an essential part of travel; where you stay can make all the difference in your experience, and no one knows that better than the people who help them come to life. Over the past week, our Director of Interior Design, Jessica Shaw, led us on a virtual tour of three TTC hotel projects around the city, on our Instagram page.  


Welcome to The Hotel @ New York City.

On a corner on Lexington Avenue, a few blocks from Madison Square Park, the aptly-named Hotel @ New York City is tucked into the tree-lined streets of Murray Hill. Formerly a franchise hotel, TTC helped breathe new life into what is now a boutique experience for Manhattan guests. 

Upon entry, a wildly colorful vestibule houses a hive-like geometric floor-to-ceiling art piece. This pop of color sets the tone for what is to come for a guests’ stay – whether it is their first time in the city or the hundredth, The Hotel @ Fifth Avenue welcomes the public and introduces them to the palette of neons and blues that will continue with them as they explore inside (it also serves as a great photo backdrop for Instagram-minded guests). 

The palette chosen by interior designer Jessica Shaw is a refreshing take on urban hotels. It is not ultra-modern all-white and marble, but it also is not the homey, renaissance-inspired usual route that high-end hospitality tends to take. The bold entryway is a “Welcome to New York” moment without a doubt; the tiny pieces of the mural are separate but cohesive, in a successful attempt at capturing the organized chaos of the city.

Having worked with the hotel’s management group before, Jessica had free-reign over the project to execute her vision. This trusting relationship is not always the case; some management companies know what they want and how they want it. In this situation, Jessica’s concept of color and coordination was well-received. 

Now one of the most popular hotels in the area, Jessica’s eye catching entry and creative insight has proved to pay off.


Welcome to The Hotel @ Fifth Avenue.

This historic baroque hotel on West 32nd Street, just two blocks from the Empire State Building, is more than a historic landmark and popular destination for travelers. Originally The Aberdeen Hotel in 1902, it was the first space in the city to designate itself as women-only lodging, a bold move that encouraged women to travel alone, going against the social norms of the time. 

To renew the hotels’ current design with something a bit more fresh, Jessica Shaw, Director of Interiors at TTC, took an outside-in approach, using the glamorous, over-the-top limestone exterior to build her vision for the interior. In an unusual but impressive move, TTC created all of the interior artwork themselves; using photos they took of the ornate facade, they printed the building’s details on canvases to be hung around the lobby. Directly bringing a piece of the architectural history inside tied the new design to the old.

Known for its ever-popular roof bar and repeat clientele, The Hotel @ Fifth Avenue is an upgraded take on a storied space.


Welcome back to The Hotel @ New York City.

After passing through an impressive entryway and checking in, guests of The Hotel @ New York City head to the elevators to settle into their rooms.

The iconic phrase that inspired the jaw-dropping lightbulb arc Jessica imagined over the elevator bay was “bright lights, big city.” Originally coined in Jimmy Reed’s 1961 blues tune of the same name, it has become a trademark of the Big Apple, and for a hotel named “New York City,” it seemed more than appropriate. 

Composed of more than thirty hanging light bulbs on royal blue wires, the bright cyans of the entry continue with guests as they make their way deeper into the space. An abstract take on the city skyline visible from the hotel rooms, this installation is a peek at what’s to come when guests open their curtains. The skyline truly never gets old, whether you see it once a day or once in a lifetime. 


Welcome back to The Hotel @ Fifth Avenue.

As if the historic exterior of The Hotel @ Fifth Avenue was not unforgettable enough, the TTC team continued their plan to bring the outside in with two glass walls reflecting the design of the facade. 

To one side of the entryway, a floor-to-ceiling set of glass panels displays a photo copy of the building’s detailed design. Across the media space, a small area designated for a computer and guests to do work, a second set of glass panels displays a line drawing outline of the same image. The gradually disappearing images of the facade help to transition guests from a historic exterior to a modern interior. 

A truly all-encompassing project from TTC, with art, design, and interior architecture by the collaborative, The Hotel @ Fifth Avenue’s makeover is a respectful and overdue treatment for a gorgeous landmark. 


Welcome to The Hotel @ Times Square.

When interior designer Jessica Shaw learned that she would be making over a hotel in the heart of Times Square, arguably one of the most iconic and interesting places in the world, she knew that her design choices would give tourists the full New York experience. 

For those new to the sometimes-overwhelming hustle and bustle of Times Square, Jessica wanted to provide a welcoming, calm place for guests to come and rest without overstimulation. Opening the lobby with a bright white curved ceiling and entryway, the space acts as a buffer between the craziness of outside. Easing guests back into a bright (but not too bright) atmosphere, Jessica chose a custom and colorful experience for left of the lobby.

Like the ever-changing nature of the city, an LED light wall makes The Hotel @ Times Square a reflection of what is outside. Constantly moving and rearranging, a calming wall of LED circles brings the funk and fashion of the flashing neon lights outside into a more contained, tasteful design moment.

While the majority of the interior is neutral with pops of bright orange, another LED moment appears in the dining room, one a storage space. Converted to become a spacious dining area, a partition-like wall glows from behind, resuming the futuristic feeling beginning with the lobby’s circle wall.

For a hotel in Times Square, there was no better place to experiment with kinetics and light.


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