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“How to Encourage Clients to Pursue Sustainable Living” in Canadian Interiors Magazine

Our founder, green architecture expert Wayne Turett, was happy to contribute to Canadian Buildings and Canadian Interiors this month with his op-ed “How to Encourage Clients to Pursue Sustainable Living.”

The article is broken down into three sectors of residential clients; homeowners open to sustainability who are excited to implement green design, homeowners who are not particularly excited by green design, and cost-efficient residential developers who may be wary of investing in green elements.

The first step in approaching all three is opening a door to a friendly conversation. From there, home professionals can approach and frame their sustainability discussions around the clients’ lifestyle, needs, and concerns, which tends to be more effective than a general pitch.

We welcome you to read the full op-ed HERE or at, and to reach out with any questions, thoughts or feedback.

(banner photo of a transitionary door in a project by The Turett Collaborative by Liz Glasgow, architecture by The Turett Collaborative)


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