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Passive House Construction and Tapes

Tapes have become an essential component in building today, especially with Passive House projects. Since Passive House standards require an airtight building envelope, not using tapes is not an option. Every Passive House project utilizes something called the ‘Air Barrier’ which uses one or many layers of sheathing and tapes on the structure to prevent inefficient air leaks. Tapes seal the air barrier and help to stop air leakage so that Passive House projects can stay airtight and energy efficient. It is essential to include a line item for tape in construction estimates for Passive House projects. 

Many different types of tapes are used in the construction of the Greenport Passive House by Turett. Zip Tape to tape all seams of the Zip Sheathing, Aluminum faced tape to seal the polyisocyanurate insulation seams, Blueskin Butyl flashing tape in the window wells, Extoseal Encors tape on the exterior door jambs and window sills, Tescon Profil tape to tape the exterior window/door jambs and head to the window framing and air barrier


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