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Summer Energy Bill Savings on The Street

The Street, a leading financial publication, asked Wayne and fellow architects about clever and efficient ways to reduce energy costs this summer. For Wayne, energy savings have been made through adding shades to windows that receive the most sunlight.

You can read Wayne’s tip below, and maximize your savings by reading all of the tips HERE.

“Preventing the sun's rays from entering the home is an easy way to reduce your cooling load,” said Wayne Turett, founder of New York City-based architecture firm The Turett Collaborative. “By observing what rooms are most affected and which windows, you can easily purchase and install shades (they don't have to be blackout type) that block most of the sun without blocking your view. An easy and inexpensive place to purchase is Ikea, but there are many options. If you prefer something more high-end, you can buy Lutron Serena shades that have automated opening and closing. “Depending on what latitude you live in, south-facing windows are good in the winter,” Turett told “They will reduce your heating requirement and save electricity, gas, or oil."

Our Greenport Passive House project features Lutron shades as suggested by Wayne.

(words by Brian O’Connell @thestreet, architecture and photo by The Turett Collaborative)


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