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Take a Look at Some of TTC’s Contributions to Chelsea Pedestrian Bridge Ideas Competition

(banner image renderings and ideas by The Turett Collaborative)

We're excited to see the High Line's new pedestrian bridge installed!

TTC got involved in brainstorming ideas for this new connector back in 2020. We looked into the idea of supporting the walkway from above, leaving the street level untouched. Fanciful perhaps to imagine all those buildings lending a hand, but we liked the idea of buildings interacting with others in this way. A bit of collaborative infrastructure!

Take a look at some of our preliminary renderings below, and read more about the new pedestrian bridge’s installation, HERE!

Rendering of an imagined aerial view

Street view rendering from 9th Avenue and 30th Street

Street view rendering from 30th Street and 10th Avenue

Street view rendering of a pedestrian entryway from 10th Avenue

(renderings and ideas by The Turett Collaborative, images may not be reproduced or republished without permission)


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