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The Turett Collaborative’s Innovative Designs Meet Duravit Aesthetics

Turett Collaborative Bathroom North Fork
Turett Collaborative Bathroom North Fork

This past week, Duravit announced the winners of their fourth annual Designer Dream Bath Competition including an honorable mention for The Turett Collaborative. The key to this bathroom design by TTC is that it isn’t a bath ‘room’ at all; it’s an integral part of the master suite, the intimate heart of the home. Traditionally, the sleeping area and washing areas are separate, but by combining the two we have exposed a symbiotic relationship. Each is enhanced by the other, together becoming a center of comfort, fully dedicated to well-being, pleasure, and repose. Where the traditional bathroom emphasizes the antiseptic surface and the clinical functionality of each device, ours is closer to a living room of aquatic delights. The tub is where the recline of the bed meets the rejuvenating  experience of the sink and shower, so the Me by Starck sculptural freestanding tub forms the soft edge between resting and cleansing zones in our suite. The Stonetto shower pan allows the floor to flow seamlessly from the dry to wet zones, so that a sheer curtain is sufficient to separate the spaces when privacy demands it. The L-Cube vanity, Darling New rimless toilet, Light and Mirror series Light Strip are selected for their ability to pair effortlessly with the millwork of the sleeping area… dressers and nightstands sharing pride of place with vanities and medicine cabinets.


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