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TTC Founder Wayne Turett Featured on CONVO X DESIGN Podcast

(banner image via Convo by Design)

TTC founder and principal Wayne Turett was recently interviewed by the esteemed Josh Cooper on his CONVO X DESIGN Podcast, where he chatted about what Josh calls “heart-racing” architecture, walked through some of TTC’s daring designs, and had an honest discussion about sustainability and tech advancements through the decades.

You can read a preview of the episode below, and listen HERE.

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design with a conversation about architecture. The kind of architecture that, if you are a true fan, makes your heart race. It did mine. Wayne Turett is the force behind The Turett Collaborative. He and his team are reshaping New York and surrounding through the application of extraordinary architecture principles, new ideas and and a reimagined idea of what architecture is and can be. The work is imaginative, daring and the philosophy is sustainable. Everything from reshaped inner city dwellings to a ground up passive house. Outdoor playgrounds inside, inside living spaces outdoors and so much more.


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