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Architects Step-up Interior Design Services

Turett Collaborative Architects (TCA), a boutique architecture and interior design firm recognized for creating exquisite urban residences, is stepping up its interior design services. TCA is an architectural leader in the renovation of historic sites for single family townhouses and luxury multi-unit apartments.

The stepped-up commitment to interior design includes TCA’s creation of an Interior Design Department, and the new position of Director of Interior Design. The new Director of Interior Design position will coordinate design staff across disciplines, enhancing TCA’s ability to deliver a complete vision to end-user and developer clients.

“TCA has always provided interior design services, but the creation of a fully staffed Department pushes integration and customer service to a new level,” said Wayne Turett, founder and managing partner. “It allows us to bring our sensitivity to color, texture, detail and material to every aspect of the architectural experience, in closer collaboration with clients. Ultimately it extends our ability to create extraordinary spaces.”

TCA’s portfolio includes commercial renovations, office fit out, cutting-edge restaurant and hospitality design. The new Interiors Department significantly extends TCA’s ability to deliver innovative, user-focussed design across every project-type.

For more information, please contact Anthony Frazzini at (212) 965-1244 or


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