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Architects Transform Multi-Unit West Village Townhouse into a Peaceful Home

Transforming an historic West Village townhouse into a space that’s great for modern living is a complex undertaking. It’s not only about exceptional design. It’s not only about discovering the best use of every foot of space. It’s also about respecting the numerous interests that might impede progress.

In converting this multi-unit building into a single family home, success was assured by starting with a process that respected these interests that included New York City’s Excavation Unit, city-appointed archeologists, preservationists, Community Boards, and neighbors.

The clients’ vision of  light-filled home with a landscaped yard, terraces, a music parlor, wine cellar, and a skylit gym was achieved.   The final designs included our signature open stairs that create a dramatic triple-height steel-and-glass elevation. Extraordinary acoustical and thermal insulation were added, making for a peaceful and energy smart home on Waverly Place in the West Village.


 Residential Townhouse     /     West Village, New York, NY     /     8,400 Square Feet     /     Completed 2010


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