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Did you know? Renovating a Historical NYC Building

In the heart of the West Village, or perhaps Tribeca, Soho or Brooklyn Heights, you will discover beautiful landmarked buildings on every corner and block, and you can thank our preservationists for the hard work they do to save these beautiful New York City neighborhoods.

You will also soon discover that some of the buildings and their interiors were built for a different generation, and are no longer suitable for today’s way of living. 

Even if it’s just the interior, renovating a historical New York City building may require approval of the Landmarks Preservation Commission which will in turn require you to take many additional steps in order to continue with your renovation.

Renovating an historic building takes time and often the work will extend beyond just the interiors.  New terraces, backyard patios, basement excavation, extensions or a rooftop penthouse can bring great value to urban living, but this approval process is much longer and can take anywhere from 4 months to 1 year to complete. Here are a few key points to moving your renovation along through this process:

  1. Embrace the fundamental need to preserve the community’s architectural scale and history.

  2. Discover the win-win – the opportunities to add to the fabric of the neighborhood while creating the best space for modern living.

  3. Respect the concerns of all interests involved in the process.

Our collaborative approach builds on all of these factors into our design efforts – from more modest interior renovations to complete gut rehabs.  Let’s collaborate on your next landmarked project.


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