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Gourmet Kitchen Design Enables Social Entrepreneur’s Vision

Haven’s Kitchen is a recreational cooking school with a gourmet kitchen design, specialty food shop, and event space. Located in a charming carriage house two blocks from Manhattan’s Union Square, the business is dedicated to the preparation and enjoyment of delicious, sustainable, seasonal food.

Haven’s Kitchen started with an entrepreneur’s vision. Founder Alison Cayne wanted a venue where each of us could reconnect with food and our community. “We believe that personal wellness and the well-being of our planet are intricately and permanently connected,” Ms Cayne told us.  “We seek to nurture that connection in as many ways as we can, and share our enthusiasm with everyone who walks through our front door.”

To more fully explore her vision and create this very special place, Ms. Cayne worked with the TCA team, and very intensely with Wayne Turett. With expertise in gourmet kitchen design,  we drew on our understanding of creating spaces that are great for both cooking and entertaining. We so loved the space that we held a TCA team-building event here. It was a pasta cooking class. Together, we rolled out the pasta, ate, drank and reconnected.




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