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Luxury Bathroom -The Urban Sanctuary

Water, warm, hot or steaming, is healing.  It’s spiritual. It’s energizing. It’s cleansing, for the body and the mind.  In the modern luxury bathroom, natural materials – stone, wood, glass and metals – combine to create an urban sanctuary for everyday revival.  Scroll down to find inspiration….then let’s create your sanctuary, your space for renewal.

This West Village master bathroom celebrates the ritual act of bathing. The tub is sculpted with natural curves. A translucent glass separates the shower and toilet yet diffuses light into the bath’s inner sanctum.

Imaging a hot tub, a glass of wine and the view  of the great city of New York.

Open master bedroom suite space can go very private. This glass surrounding this home spa changes from from completely clear to opaque with flip of a switch.  

 Alternate texture brings depth, comfort and peace, like a Japanese zen garden.

Rustic and luxurious blends in West Village townhouse. Aged oak flooring runs through the master suite. Warm gray marble lines the floors and walls of this master bath. The clear glass partitions allow the continuous read of stone on all walls of the bathroom, heightening the sense of open space.

 Tile, wood and glass, clear and opaque, combine to provide peace and utility.  The upper window placements offer privacy and the  pleasure of natural light. 

This luxury bathroom makes great use of narrow townhouse space, delivering a retreat from the bustle just outside the exterior walls.

Imaging a good soak. Priceless.


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