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Rooftop Rights to Duplex Penthouse

So you just purchased a top floor NYC apartment with rooftop rights. This is great opportunity to transform your apartment into an incredible duplex penthouse.

Beyond creating exceptional living space,  the  smart use of your rooftop rights can add hugely to the value of your apartment. The architectural challenge lies with understanding how the new space and the old flow together.  In New York City, however, the approval process also can prove to be a challenge. Rooftop additions often are are placed on century old buildings. Landmark’s Preservation and community boards will have legitimate concerns.

Without respecting the approval process, these concerns can become passionate opposition. At the very least, this leads to numerous design reiterations that will slow the process and add costs.  At worst, the project will not receive the necessary approvals.  

Here is an example of smart design that moved through the approval process with speed and respect to the needs of community interest, building codes and zoning issues.



This rooftop addition created a duplex penthouse Soaring ceiling heights and generous views at the upper level of the new duplex, the new penthouse would be “upside-down”, with bedrooms at the lower, entry level, and kitchen, dining and living rooms on the upper level, with direct access to multiple roof levels for entertaining and relaxing. The inverted scheme meant extra attention to the entry foyer and stair hall would be needed: multiple skylights and careful stair detailing flood the entryway with light, drawing the visitor to the upper level, where ceiling heights are carefully orchestrated to create a sequence of compression and expansion as one proceeds through the space.

 Residential Penthouse Loft     /     TriBeCa, New York, NY     /     2,230 Square Feet     /     Completed Fall 2008


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