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Sustainablilty Guides NYC Loft Renovation

How do you undertake a 520 square foot loft renovation with a commitment to sustainability while making optimal use of space – length, width and height?

The Turett design team drew on its experience with ‘green’ materials to integrate Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood flooring and kitchen cabinets, recycled mosaic glass tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms, paints free of volatile organic compounds and energy efficient lighting.

One of the main challenges was separating the different living areas — kitchen, living room, and sleeping loft — in an interesting way while maximizing the sense of each space in a relatively small area. The solution was to think volume — length, width and height.  In this gut renovation,  a three-level loft emerged with  a custom designed, double-height screen of movable translucent panels to create a hybrid room divider, feature wall, shelving unit, and a guard rail system.

The three levels distinguished by the system are connected by stainless steel open riser stairs with FSC-certified treads to match the flooring.  Multistory windows complement energy efficient lighting.

Divider walls with open shelving brings natural light into kitchen area while also adding storage.

Creating a setting for the preserved ceramic pieces led to the development of this apartment’s one-of-a-kind hidden gem: a 5’x7′ powder room wall made of 126 six-inch tiles — each one unique — organized by color gradation.

 Residential Loft Studio     /     West Village, New York, NY     /     520 Square Feet     /

 This complete renovation, from the plumbing fixtures and appliances to the hardware and finishes, integrated sustainable design principles with a client’s individual aims.


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