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TriBeCa Architect Transforms Historic Site

A unique site at the edge of the TriBeCa West Historic District needed the right TriBeCa architect to blend century-old beauty with modern living. The 1870s-era structure was singled out for preservation, but the unique corner location offered a significant development opportunity.

What could be done with this prominent and light-filled site that would respect its Landmark status and complement the pedestrian-friendly streets while creating long-lasting value for its owners and the community?

Working with a client in search of a very distinctive TriBeCa home, architect Wayne Turett and his team studied the challenge. The solution: the adjacent lot was purchased and a new six story, single-family structure was approved by community groups and the Landmark Commission.   The two-story jewel was painstakingly preserved on the outside, but integrated seamless with the tower on the inside.

On the second floor of this 11,500 square-foot home, an open-air courtyard, a huge open-plan living, dining and kitchen area and a media room were created.  The roof of the two-story structure incorporates extensive irrigated roof gardens with structural skylights, flooding the living spaces below with light. Combining modern design with the historic structure became the guiding design principle.  A 6th floor pool, first floor art studio and two car garage create a unique urban residence.



Residential Townhouse     /     TriBeCa, New York, NY     /     11,500 Square Feet     /     Completed 2009

LEED TriBeCa Architects

As LEED architects, TCA incorporated environmental control systems (sound, light, thermal comfort, shade).  The building incorporates exceptional acoustic and thermal isolation; the mechanical systems are designed for energy efficiency and ease of maintenance; daylighting and natural ventilation are prioritized throughout.  Artisans, engineers and suppliers of unique materials worked together under TCA’s sustained guidance to construct this elegant home.

Wayne Turett lives and works in the TriBeCa East Historic District, so his firm’s long history with Landmarks on local structures is a source of personal and professional pride. This high-visibility structure, already recognized as a model for responsible development in this increasingly residential neighborhood is the culmination of decades of collaboration with the Commission.


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