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Urban Architect Brings Modern Design to Historic Tribeca

I am both an urban architect and a Tribeca resident.

15 Leonard 2012

We moved here in 1989. Then, Tribeca was a rich collection of artist lofts, some commercial and industrial activity remnant of another era, and young families seeking an affordable, livable neighborhood in Manhattan. We raised our girls, Cara and Erica, here. In the 1990’s, we moved our architecture firm to Tribeca.

I watched successive waves of development reshape our neighborhood. In the shadows of the World Trade Center, our community was struck by the 9/11 devastation. Those wounds are healing. Many scars remain.

We’ve completed many projects in Tribeca as well as  the neighboring communities including the West Village, the East Village and SOHO. I am deeply connected to this urban renaissance. We have respected the architectural past while designing modern urban habitats.

Our 15 Leonard Street project reflects the intimacy and comfort I feel on these historic, cobbled-stoned streets. Our hearts are in the design.  The 75ft-wide site held single-story derelict garages for decades

We thought of this project as a microcosm of the neighborhood.  Within this 9 story structure,  we incorporated multiple types of urban residences:  a townhouse, a triplex penthouse and gracious full-floor residences with towering 10-foot ceilings.

We blended contemporary design into the historic fabric of the neighborhood. Gracious interior layouts maximize area efficiency for light-filled, family-friendly homes.   Multi-level outdoor spaces lend the luxury of privacy while still integrating residents into their community surroundings.  Meticulously selected finishes deliver high quality without overwhelming design sensibilities.

A 60-foot-wide façade of glowing windows and channel glass creates a unique, stunning visual effect along Leonard’s charming cobblestone-street sanctuary.

Thanks to entire Turett Collaborative team and the innovative developer, Steven Schnall, who joined us in an exciting vision of  a building that is uniquely Tribeca.


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